DL Ø ARD is a private German Amateur Radio and Astronomy Station in Dornstadt founded by Alexander Walter, the owner of HAM-Onlinelog for scientific and research on 600m over seelevel.

  • Shortwave 160m to 10m Vertikal
  • Shortwave Dipol 80m
  • Shortwave Dipol 40m
  • Shortwave Yagi 6m
  • Shortwave Yagi 4m
  • 2m vertical omnidirect
  • 70cm vertical omnidirect
  • 23cm vertical omnidirect
  • 23cm Yagi ATV
  • 13cm Dish ATV
  • 13cm HamNET omnidirect vertical
  • 2m and 70cm Sat-Station
  • 2m, 70cm and 23cm Multimode-Station
  • .
  • 10cm Newton Telesocope for sky observation
  • 4cm Refraktor with Sun-Filter for white light sun observation

QSL via Bureau or direct